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Leadership and Board of Directors


NATIVE HEALTH is led by a Chief Executive Officer who reports to the Board of Directors. Walter Murillo, is the Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Murillo has been with NATIVE HEALTH for over 16 years.  

NATIVE HEALTH Senior Management Team consists of:

Walter Murillo, Chief Executive Officer (Pictured above)
Annie Yazzie, Chief Financial Officer
Craig Pattee, M.S.W., Development Director
Dennis Huff, Behavioral Health Division Director
Deanna Sangster, Health Services Administrator
Diana Weissman, MD., Acting Medical Director
Amber Curley, Controller


The Board is comprised of over 51% Native American as required by Indian Health Service and NATIVE HEALTH bylaws.

Board Member responsibilities include attending Board of Directors Meetings monthly, commitment and attendance on one committee (Finance, Marketing, Strategic Plan, etc.) as well as 8 hours of Board of Directors training yearly.

NATIVE HEALTH is striving to fill Board seats with different interests and skill levels. If you are interested in applying for a position on the Board of Directors please contact Walter Murillo, Chief Executive Officer.

NATIVE HEALTH Board of Directors consists of:

Laura Carr - President

Valerie Phillips - Vice President
Adrian Bizardi - Treasurer
Elena Young - Secretary
Michelle Homer - Member
Leland Fairbanks, M.D. - Member
Gary Galvan - Member at Large